new movie announced, fans angry


A new My Hero Academia movie has just been unveiled. While this ad was probably meant to please the public, it doesn’t please at all.

To make a place among all the shōnen that exist is not an easy task, but it is nevertheless what managed to do My Hero Academia over the years. If the opinions on the work of Kōhei Horikoshi were rather mixed at the beginning, the fans gathered little by little around MHA, which has made it a real success (85 million volumes sold since its launch in February 2023). While the last chapter particularly upset the public, a news should put a smile on their face. In theory.

A new My Hero Academia film that does not make many happy

In the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the Shueisha magazine, a new film My Hero Academia was officially announced. For the moment, we know very little about him, except that the feature film will tell a completely original story written by the author of the manga himself, Kohei Horikoshi. In the timeline of My Hero Academiathe film will position itself after the war of season 6. The most important information remains to be known, namely when this fourth film in the history of MHA will come out.

In any case, on social networks, some fans seem happy with the news. ” I can not wait ” Or ” it’s really crazy can we read on X. Unfortunately, a good part of the public is particularly frustrated by this news, because they believe that the production of the film will delay the arrival of season 7, which has been awaited for many months now. Indeed, the feature film will be produced by Bones and Toho studios who are also behind the anime. My Hero Academiawhich could indeed have an impact on the release of the next episodes.

Beyond that, fans haven’t been particularly impressed by the latest films. My Hero Academia (the most recent being World Heroes’ Mission released in 2021). In short, this news, which was supposed to please an entire community, ultimately generates more frustration than anything else, but the first trailer for the film may succeed in turning the tide. In addition to this new project, remember that a film that could eventually become a live-action series is also in preparation on the side of Netflix.


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