New music?: Justin Timberlake confirms studio visit with *NSYNC

New music?
Justin Timberlake confirms studio visit with *NSYNC

United boy band: *NSYNC at the premiere of “Trolls – Strong Together”.

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Not only was Justin Timberlake working on a new solo album, he was also in the studio with his boy band colleagues from *NSYNC.

US singer Justin Timberlake (42) announced a few days ago that he is going on a big tour in 2024. A release date for his new solo studio album has now been set. Now he suggests that it may not have been the case when it comes to music. Because as Timberlake confirms, he was in the studio with his colleagues from *NSYNC.

The chemistry is right at *NSYNC

In the 1990s, Timberlake became world famous as a member of the boy band. The group broke up in 2002, but *NSYNC recorded the song “Better Place” together, which was released in September 2023, for the animated film “Trolls – Strong Together”. More new songs could follow, as Timberlake now suggests. “We were in the studio, so maybe there will be something small in the future,” he explained to singer and presenter Kelly Clarkson (41). in their US talk format.

“That was fun,” he said about recording “Better Place” with JC Chasez (47), Lance Bass (44), Joey Fatone (47) and Chris Kirkpatrick (52). “It’s kind of crazy that so many things pick up right where they left off, chemistry-wise.” New *NSYNC music could perhaps appear soon, but in terms of a reunion tour with all members that many fans have longed for, things are looking rather bad, at least in the near future.

Timberlake’s new album “Everything I Thought It Was” will be released on March 15th. In keeping with this, the singer is going on “The Forget Tomorrow World Tour” from the end of April until at least July. So far are only concerts announced in North Americasince there is talk of a world tour, dates for Europe could soon follow, among other things.


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