New number 1 in the App Store: iPhone owners can’t get enough of this app

Surprise in the App Store: There is a new leader in Apple’s download shop for the iPhone. If you are now thinking of WhatsApp, Google Maps or another classic app, you have to be taught a lesson. A look at the calendar makes it clear why so many iPhone owners are currently accessing it.

The App Store charts have a lot in common with the Bundesliga table. The same names can always be found at the top of both ranking lists. What are in the football upper house of FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund or RB Leipzig are in the App Store WhatsApp, Google Maps or PayPal. Every now and then an app newcomer makes it to the top.

Units Mobile ranked #1 in the App Store

This is currently “Units Mobile”, the app is number 1 in the Apple App Store. Behind the somewhat awkward name hides a All-rounder for everyday school life. The app offers an up-to-date timetable, allows parents to communicate, lists teaching materials, includes a digital class register and much more. Many schools and educational institutions use the app and Unit’s other products.

The fact that Units Mobile has now secured the gold medal in the Apple App Store is anything but a coincidence. In North Rhine-Westphaliathe most populous federal state in Germany the summer holidays just came to an end. Students and parents will have downloaded the app by the start of the new school year and given it a boost in the charts.

Units Mobile is available for both iPhones and Android smartphones:

Untis Mobile

Untis Mobile

Developer: Untis GmbH

Untis Mobile

Untis Mobile

Developer: Untis Mobile

These apps should not be missing on any mobile phone:

Apple back-to-school promotion

Apple is currently offering its back-to-school campaign especially for students, teachers or university staff. When purchasing selected Macs and iPads, there is a gift card of up to 150 euros in addition to the educational discount.

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