New opponent for Netflix: Two streaming services are planning a merger

The selection of streaming services is large, actually too large. But something is happening: two well-known platforms want to combine their programs and thus become strong competition for Prime Video, Netflix and Co. German customers could benefit from the move properly.

HBO Max and Discovery Plus: Warner Bros. wants to merge offer

The former film studio Warner Bros. wants to streamline its streaming offering: HBO Max and Discovery Plus are slated to merge in summer 2023. This has now been announced by David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.

“HBO Max has a competitive feature set, but Problems with performance and customers”, the manager explained as part of the company’s semi-annual report (source: The Verge). According to colleagues at The Verge, successful shows like Euphoria, which are streamed in parallel by many customers, push HBO Max to the technical limits.

The basis for the still unnamed streaming service from 2023 should therefore be Discovery Plus. The technology here is fit to also transport the content of HBO Max. “We think the product will be superb,” ​​Zaslav continues. HBO Max fans also needn’t worry about their favorite content. it would not canceled shows in a big way.

Competition among streaming services is fierce

It remains to be seen whether Warner’s new streaming service can develop into a serious competitor for Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+. Interesting for German customers: Is Warner bringing the service to us at all? HBO Max officially never made it to Germany.

From summer 2023 there could be a new provider in the comparison. Until then you will find the selection here:

Discovery Plus, on the other hand, is available to German customers while many series and films from HBO Max migrate exclusively to Sky. Depending on how an agreement is reached, this could change in the future. Disney+ shows that streaming services now like to keep their content to themselves.

From the point of view of the other streaming services, Warner could hardly have chosen a worse time to take this step. The competitive pressure is growing enormously. Price increases by providers in parallel with subscribers’ willingness to save fueled by inflation are already ensuring that streaming offers end up on customers’ hit lists more quickly.

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