New pay slip, explosion in health costs… Here are the 3 money news of the day

Health costs that are about to double; easier to read pay slips; an insurance broker, suspected of unfairly deducting from his clients, in compulsory liquidation… Here are the three pieces of information that should not be missed on this Wednesday, April 24.

The increase in health costs worries

The fateful date is approaching. From May 15, the flat-rate participation for medical consultations, biological analyzes and radiology examinations will pass of 1 2euros​​. This measure follows the doubling of medical deductibles introduced at the end of March, illustrating a trend of increasing costs for patients. Changes that raise concerns about access to care for the most vulnerable.

Doctor, analyses, x-rays…. What changes with the new flat rate contribution of 2 euros

The government wants to simplify pay slips

More than 50 linesincluding 20 dedicated to various social contributions: the current format of the pay slip does not make it easy to read or understand. This document, which is part of the daily life of 27 million French employees, could soon be simplified and ramen around fifteen lines by 2027. In any case, this is the wish of the government, which will work on it with the social partners.

Salary: this is what your future pay slip would look like

MoneyVox / LG / April 2024

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