New PlayStation+: will you subscribe?

The new PlayStation Plus is available. Will you fall for this answer to Xbox Game Pass?

Announced in March, the new PlayStation Plus formula is now available. This new service designed to compete with the Xbox Game Pass offers three subscription levels. Depending on the level, they include games offered every month, exclusive promotions and content, free access to hundreds of games, as well as demos and access to cloud gaming (ex PlayStation Now).

To put it simply, the PS+ Essential corresponds more or less to the old formula available until then, the PS+ Extra adds to that a catalog of PS4 and PS5 games and the PS+ Premium adds in addition to old games, demos and the cloud. gaming. For prices, count respectively 8.99 euros, 13.99 euros or 16.99 euros per month. Year-round, the prices are 59.99 euros, 99.99 euros or 119.99 euros.

At least 2 PS4 and PS5 games offered every month
Access to multiplayer
Exclusive promotions
Exclusive content
online storage
Catalog of hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games
Catalog of PS, PS2, PSP Classic and PS3 Rematers games
Trial versions
cloud gaming
Prices8.99 euros for 1 month
24.99 euros for 3 months
59.99 euros for 12 months
13.99 euros for 1 month
39.99 euros for 3 months
99.99 euros for 12 months
16.99 euros for 1 month
49.99 euros for 3 months
119.99 euros for 12 months

Are you going to subscribe to the new PlayStation Plus?

The offer is not necessarily clear at first glance, but it has the merit of offering a certain granularity in an attempt to satisfy all budgets and all player profiles. But what about your side, do these offers tempt you? Are you planning to subscribe (if you haven’t already)? It’s time to tell us through the survey of the week.


Are you going to subscribe to the New PlayStation Plus?

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