New Pokémon Snap on sale for the sales: say “cheese”

[Deal du Jour] New Pokemon Snap is on sale with 33% off for the second winter sale markdown. A game feel good signed Nintendo in which you have the objective of photographing Pokémon in a too cute universe.

What is this Pokemon game discount?

New Pokemon Snap is sold on Switch at a price of €59.99 on Nintendo’s eShop and can be found regularly around €40 on several merchant sites. Fnac currently offers it in physical version with a 33% discount, at a price of €29.99.

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What is Nintendo’s New Pokémon Snap feel good game?

New Pokemon Snap puts you in the shoes of an apprentice photographer whose goal is to photograph, as best as possible, Pokémon in their natural habitat. The game is not a game Pokemon classic. Here, your character settles down, armed with his camera, aboard a vehicle mounted on rails. You only have your hand on the camera, for one purpose: to observe the landscapes around you in order to find Pokémon there. You have a scanner to reveal secret elements, a music player to make Pokémon dance, or apples to throw, in order to bring the creatures out of their hiding place.

New Pokémon Snap // Source: Capture Switch

Professor Mirror will then judge the quality of your shots according to different criteria. The different levels are full of details and will have to be traversed several times to see the hidden details and other secrets. The game rewards observation, patience and of course, your photography skills.

Is the New Pokémon Snap sale sale worth it?

New Pokemon Snap is rarely less than €30. So this is a great opportunity to get it. The game is very pretty and the artistic direction a pleasure for the eyes. The environments are believable and filled with life. Behind its apparent simplicity of level design and those simplistic graphics, the game teems with detail. Pokémon hide, run full speed when they see you, or live their lives quietly. The fauna and flora are rich in creepy crawlies and all this little world brings life to Pokemon Snap.

The pleasure of collecting comes quickly and it’s a treat to complete your photo album of Pokemon. A game feel good which in essence is good and which is perfectly suited to a young audience.

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