New record ! This baby was born from a frozen embryo for 27 years!


In the United States, a young girl has just broken a record. On October 26, she was born from an embryo frozen for 27 years. A birth made possible thanks to the donation of a couple.

It’s rare to give good news in 2020, so we are happy when we have the opportunity. On October 26, a baby in the United States was born from a 27-year frozen embryo, reports Good Morning America. This is an adorable little girl named Molly Everette Gibson.

At only one month old, the little girl is already known to have broken a record. Indeed, according to researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library, the frozen embryo that gave birth is the first embryo to give birth after having remained vitrified for so many years. A little Christmas miracle in advance for his parents!

Even crazier, the record was previously held by… his sister, Emma Wren Gibson. The girl was born in 2017 from an embryo frozen for 24 years! Emma and Molly’s donor embryos were vitrified together, making them genetically true sisters. A real happiness for this family.

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What does embryo freezing involve?

During an in vitro fertilization route, embryos that have not been transferred to the woman's uterus can be frozen. This is particularly useful if in the future the couple decides to have another child.

To do this, the embryos are immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° to keep them safe. When thawing, they should be rehydrated to reach a temperature of 37 °, before being transferred again. Usually two to three embryos are thawed at the same time. Some embryos may not survive this thawing stage.

If the couple decides not to use their remaining embryos, they can donate them to a sterile couple. This is particularly what happened to the parents of Emma and Molly.

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