New Scary Movie is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on Netflix

New Scary Movie is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on Netflix (Image source: Netflix)

The new stop-motion movie The House is not suitable for children at all – and maybe one of the craziest movies you’ve streamed yet. Already looked in?


Stream The House on Netflix now.

the House – a title as unspectacular as it can be. The new stop-motion horror story on Netflix is ​​much more original and surprises with its characters and the surreal, sometimes downright scary story: Across the eras you accompany three constellations of residents of a mysterious house, and disgusting dancing insects are also there.

Check out the trailer for a first look:

The House: Dark fever dream with attention to detail

The House tells about in three short parts 97 minutes the story of a poor family, a builder and an annoyed landlady who all live in the bizarre house for a period of time. One of the special features: the characters are represented by stop-motion animals such as cats or rats, but some also look human.

Next whimsical musical interludes of insects you also accompany the residents of the house to theirs bizarre experiences in the house, whose mystery gradually unfolds in the film. The attention to detail is not only visible in the figures, but also in the meticulous furnishings – and all with stop motion! Even if you’re not a die-hard stop-motion fanatic, you shouldn’t miss this crazy Netflix movie.

Surreal horror drama The House is out January 14 on Netflix appeared. The film consists of three episodes welded together in the 97-minute film. In addition, The House was conceived by several teams of directors. If you like im English original sound looks: A voice is spoken by Helena Bonham Carter.

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