New streaming competition: Paramount+ will soon cause trouble for Netflix

The streaming market in Germany is getting fuller. Almost every month there is a new candidate who wants to lure customers away from Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. With Paramount+, the next one is already ready. We finally know more precisely when the time has come.

Paramount+ introduces Netflix: Only 7.99 euros from December

If you’re waiting for Paramount+, the new streaming service from the film studio of the same name, you’ll have to be patient. So far, it has been said that the time will come in the second half of 2022. This is what makes the studio tick: Paramount+ will launch in December, the company announced. The exact date is still open.

At launch, Paramount+ for 7.99 euros per month to be available Only RTL+ is currently cheaper. Prime Video is still available, but a price increase shouldn’t be long in coming. Netflix can’t keep up at all when it comes to prices. However, the price-performance ratio of Paramount+ depends on the content. So far, only excerpts have been announced.

In the USA, series and shows from CBS, Comedy Central and MTV, among others, run on the streaming service. For this purpose, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which start at the same time, local in-house productions come. One of the first will be a series on the successful crime thriller “The Chemistry of Death” by Simon Beckett (source: dpa via Handelsblatt). Paramount can also draw on a wealth of its own titles, which will probably be seen piece by piece on Paramount+.

Is Paramount+ an option for you or one of these streaming services?

Sky customers benefit: Paramount+ is available at no extra charge

Paramount+ is said to run on “supported connected TV devices”. It is not explained in more detail what these are. There will also be an app for iOS and Android. The Sky Q customers make the best deal. Anyone who subscribes to the Sky Cinema subscription will get the content from Paramount + at no extra charge.

On the other hand, Star Trek fans are left staring at Netflix and Co. The controversial series Discovery can no longer be found there, migrated to Pluto TV for the first broadcast. In the long term, however, they should New releases from the Star Trek universe all end up on Paramount+. They are, after all, some of the studio’s most valuable content, with which many viewers can be inspired.

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