New, stricter health rules in the cinema and the theater

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It was on France Inter this Wednesday, August 26 that the Prime Minister of the government Jean Castex announced stricter rules in cinemas but also in the theater.

by Melanie Bonvard

This Wednesday August 26, at the microphone of France Inter, Prime Minister Jean Castex returned to the health crisis and the new regulations to be respected. This was therefore an opportunity to come back to the low attendance of cultural venues and cinemas. In order to ensure the safety of all and to overcome the social distancing which reduces the capacity of reception of these rooms, Jean Castex announces that the wearing of the mask will be obligatory from today inside the rooms. cinema and theater rooms. Until now, we were forced, as spectators, to wear the masks only in the cinema and theater halls. Within the performance halls, this was not yet an obligation, the distances between the seats being maintained between the groups of spectators: "Before, we asked to wear the mask when it was not possible to respect the safety distances. We will reverse " explained the Prime Minister on France Inter. It is a way of encouraging spectators to frequent cultural places again. Even if wearing a mask is not pleasant, Jean Castex hopes that the rooms will be able to accommodate more people.

"I say to the French: go to the cinema, go to the theater, you risk nothing " he explains before adding that social distancing will be maintained in "in areas where there is a strong viral circulation". The Minister of Culture confirmed this new regulation on Twitter: "Theaters and cinemas: elimination of distancing and continuous mask wearing. But in the red zones where the virus circulates actively: maintaining physical distancing between groups of spectators and wearing of the mask."

The priority is that people live

By making this decision, the government hopes for an economic revival of the cultural sector: "Everyone sees that, in a cinema or theater, the sanitary rules imposed on you do not allow you to achieve your economic balance. The priority is for all of this to resume, the priority is that people live. " Indeed, since the start of the epidemic and with the closure of cinemas and theaters during confinement, attendance to these places has fallen sharply. This is an alarming situation for cinema operators who were already worried about seeing certain movie releases in the cinema being postponed and even sometimes canceled: "And if there is a French specificity, it is good that living with the virus is also cultivating oneself with the virus. We have to draw all the consequences, that's what we'll do " Jean Castex still told about France Inter this morning.

Going to the cinema would be one of the activities that the French miss the most

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