New Tales: a new editor based in Paris by former Activision-Blizzard

Before being bought by Microsoft, Activision-Blizzard had decided to close its premises in Versailles to relocate its activities. Several Parisian executives therefore decided to leave the company at that time, and we now know where some of them will land. A handful of key employees have just announced the opening ofa brand new publishing studio based in Paris, NewTales, which will create “new game franchises through its own in-house studios and provide quality publishing services to partner game developers on an equitable relationship basis” and “places the DNA of each game and its community of players at the heart of its strategies”.

It was co-founded by:

  • Cédric Maréchal, the President and CEO of NewTales, who has nearly three decades of industry experience and previously served as please internationally for Activision-Blizzard ;
  • Benoit Dufour, Chief Operating Officer, old VP internationally for Activision-Blizzard who began his career at Vivendi Games ;
  • Delphine LeCorre, Chief Growth Officer, previously Senior Director EMEA at the house of Blizzard and who cut his teeth at Vivendi Games ;
  • Emmanuel Obert, Chief Content Officer, former Director EMEA at the house of Blizzard after starting his career at Ubisoft.

They own 22 years of experience on average and have worked on franchises like World of Warcraft, Jedi Knight, Half Life, Counterstrike, Hearthstone, EverQuest, call of duty, Sonic the Hedgehog, Diablo, Crash Bandicoot and Overwatch. They are already accompanied in the adventure by three luxury advisors: Kim Gresko, former Composite Artist at the house of LucasArts and co-founder of Blue Silver Studios, Ray Gresko, previously Global Chief Development Officer at the house of Blizzard and co-founder of Blue Silver Studios, and Julia Humphreys, former Production Director ofOverwatch at the house of Blizzard and Senior Producer at the house of Seven Studios.

“We have built a team of passionate gamers with exceptional experience, having developed some of the biggest franchises and gamer communities,” says NEW TALES President and CEO Cédric Maréchal. “Rarely has the gaming industry experienced such an exhilarating time, fueled by tons of innovation and creativity. Nevertheless, the frequency of new releases continues to accelerate, which reinforces the need for quality international video game publishers. NEW TALES provides a complete publishing solution where we will work with developers as one team, dedicated to maximizing their success. We are also expanding our in-house production capabilities to create our own games and franchises. We look forward to joining forces with people who share our values ​​and our passion! »

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It is specified that “the company already works with partners who share its ambition and its values, while developing its own production capacities around its very first franchise “. We now look forward to knowing what this new license will look like (a link with the logo and the illustration associated with the studio?) and what external publishing agreements he could sign in the future.

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