New trailer for the Pixel 7 (Pro) released: does Google still have something to hide?


Google will soon introduce the Pixel 7 (Pro) along with the Pixel Watch. In a trailer that has now been released, the mobile phone is only shown in a pixelated manner. Does the internet giant still have something to hide?

Google has released a trailer for the upcoming release of the Google Pixel 7. (Source: Google)

Google released a trailer just before the release of the Pixel 7 (Pro). A mysterious, pixelated thing is touched and observed by people, some of whom are colorfully dressed, and even put it in their underpants. See for yourself:

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The pixelated thing is, of course, the Pixel 7 Pro, which is making people excited. But the game of hide and seek is actually unnecessary: ​​the design of the devices has not been a secret for some time.

Google Pixel 7 (Pro): The hottest rumors at a glance
Google’s next flagship

Google has now officially announced the Pixel 7. After the success of the Pixel 6 (Pro), the next Android flagship is due in the fall. You can find out what you need to know about price, release and features here.

You can admire the Pixel 7 (Pro) and the Pixel Watch on their own pages in the official online store. You can find out at the official release event on October 6th whether Google still has a surprise up its sleeve and therefore pixelated the device in the clip.

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