New World: What is the maximum level?

New World is a massively multiplayer game with, what’s more, RPG components, allowing you to progress with a skill tree. Thus, over the course of your adventures, you will increase your level for certain attributes, but also your general level, which will reflect your experience within Aeternum, depending on your activities.

What is the maximum level in New World?

At present, the highest level in New World is 60. This may not seem like much, especially when compared to other games of the same genre, but rest assured, you will need to spend countless hours in this world and achieve a multitude of objectives to achieve this level 60. Amazon Games has indeed created a linear and “slow” progression system, which is however not boring.

However, it should be noted that with the Awakening of the Enraged Earth expansion, the maximum level is increased to 65. But only for those who purchased the extension.

And if you ever reach level 60, don’t panic, this opens the door to other things, the famous end-game content which allows you to participate in new expeditions, PvE and PvP experiences and various other activities which should extend your stay in Aeternum for a few hours, at least.

To gain levels and reach this famous level 60, you will have several ways to do it, but the simplest and most common will be to take part in quests while following the main story. Obviously, most activities will allow you to earn a minimum amount of XP, but some more than others.

Finally, regarding the RPG aspect and the skill tree, the developers gave players a certain freedom, allowing them to completely choose how to personalize their character, without any apparent class. The points earned can be freely used to craft a character that matches their play style. You can experiment and, if it doesn’t suit you, start from scratch.

If Amazon Games increases the level cap of New World, this article will naturally be updated.

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