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Events are allowed, there are no compensation payments. It is uncertain whether the people will actually come.

The new virus variant Omikron fills the Swiss hospitals, the situation at the turn of the year is tense. The federal corona task force was concerned at the beginning of the week: Closing clubs or canceling New Year’s Eve parties were possible measures in the room. This has not yet been implemented by the Federal Council, so celebrations can still take place. Actually good news for the organizers of New Year’s Eve parties, one might think.

Uncertainty among the organizers

Above all, the initial situation creates a lot of uncertainty. Against the background of the highly contagious omicron variant, is it responsible to organize a party with many people? And: do the guests even come? 2G + applies in clubs and bars, so the guests would have to be double vaccinated and additionally boosted or tested. That and the risk of being infected despite protective measures should keep some party-goers away from partying.

It shows us that people have question marks.

The Basler Schifffahrtsgesellschaft felt that too. Advance ticket sales for their New Year’s Eve gala were slow. “Compared to other years, this shows us that people have question marks,” says managing director Peter Stadler. You just don’t know what’s coming next. After the introduction of a mask and seat requirement for Basel restaurateurs, Stadler cancels his celebration at the beginning of December. The problem with this is that he has nowhere to assert loss of earnings. Because parties are still allowed. He will therefore have no income this New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate despite concerns

On the other hand, you don’t want to be deterred from partying in the Sandoase in Basel. A few hundred people should come to tomorrow’s party – despite planning uncertainty and constantly changing measures.

You are a drain valve for the people who want to party

Managing director Urs Pozivil does not ignore health concerns, but also sees himself committed to society: “You are a drain valve for people who want to party.”

Alexander Bücheli from the Swiss Bar and Club Commission does not accept that health responsibility could fall by the wayside. Extremely high protective measures would have to be implemented with contact details, vaccinations and negative test results. “It’s a safe place, as safe as a place can be,” says Bücheli with conviction. And people would otherwise just meet privately, often without protection concepts, that is not better for the epidemiological situation.

Nevertheless, the uncertainty seems to prevail among many organizers – because this year there are only about half as many New Year’s Eve parties as before the pandemic. The economic viability is simply not given for many. For those who hold on to their party, the only hope remains that not all guests have let the party mood spoil.

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