New York: American personalities buy a ferry to make it a place of culture and shows

According to information from the New York Times dated January 21, a ferry will become a cultural place, piloted by American personalities. Formerly, the imposing boat ensured the connection between Manhattan and Staten Island.

According to AFP, the famous orange ferry named “John F. Kennedy” was sold by New York City to Paul Italia, a real estate agent who is the head of the comedy club The Stand in Manhattan, associated with comedians from NBC’s cult show Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost. According to the administrative services of the municipality that sold it, this ship is nearly 85 meters long and weighs 2,100 tons. It was withdrawn from the fleet last August for out of service engines. His price ? The machine went to auction at 280,100 dollars for a starting price of 125,000 dollars.

A place dedicated to live performance

By acquiring this historical heritage, Paul Italia wants to make it “a living performance space with stand-up, music, art and the possibility of eating out.” According to the businessman, the ship “John F. Kennedy” also holds a special place in the hearts of his two partners, Davidson and Jost.

Both are natives of Staten Island, one of New York’s five boroughs, south of Manhattan Island.

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