New York Court: Teva complicit in opioid crisis

A jury in New York declares the Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer Teva complicit in the opioid crisis. About 500,000 people have died in the United States as a result of overdoses. There are thousands of lawsuits pending against several pharmaceutical companies.

Teva and its subsidiaries are accused in the US of having contributed to the opioid crisis.

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(Reuters) / tsf. The Israeli pharmaceutical company “Teva Pharmaceuticals” and its subsidiaries played a key role in the opioid crisis in the USA. This is the conclusion of a jury in New York. Teva may now face billions of dollars in damages. The specific amount should be set sometime in 2022.

Teva executives are accused by the jury of using misleading tactics to sell the opioid pills. According to a press release, they did not provide enough information about the dangers of opioids and even deceived the American population.

The trial took place on Long Island, where opioid overdose deaths more than doubled between 2010 and 2018. In 2019, the number of deaths from opioid overdoses rose to over 1,600 in Nassau County and over 3,000 in Suffolk County. These figures were published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Teva moves the verdict on

The Israeli pharmaceutical company has already announced that it will appeal. The lawsuit against Teva is only of several thousand against several drug manufacturers. Lawsuits against various opioid manufacturers are pending across the country from individuals, county governments, and entire states. Pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson have already paid billions in settlements without admitting any guilt or responsibility for the crisis.

The opioid crisis is about comparatively cheap and easily available drugs. The focus is on fentanyl, which is a hundred times stronger than morphine and leads to cardiac arrest even with a small overdose. More than two million Americans are considered opioid users, most of whom are addicted. Around 500,000 people in the US have died of drugs since the opioid crisis began in the late 1990s.

Comparison of Purdue wobbles

In the opioid case, the focus has so far mainly been on the pharmaceutical company Purdue and its owner family Sackler. According to a settlement made in early September 2021, the now insolvent company is expected to pay a total of $ 4.5 billion to settle numerous lawsuits. As part of this settlement, the Sackler family negotiated not to be personally sued. The comparison may fail. In December 2021, a federal judge assessed the legal protection as inadmissible.

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