News culture 14 years ago, this character adored by fans carried out one of the most important actions in One Piece

Culture news 14 years ago, this character beloved by fans performed one of the most important actions in One Piece

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If many passages of One Piece are considered exceptional by fans, there are others that mark them with a hot iron. Some of them, which involve characters outside the Straw Hat crew, are sometimes as much, or even more, striking than those featuring main characters.


This article discusses events relating to the end of the Impel Down arc of One Piece and therefore may reveal its conclusion to you

Exactly 14 years ago, episode 451 of the One Piece anime adapted its chapter 548 which concluded the Impel Down prison arc. For further context, Monkey D. Luffy, recently separated from the rest of his crew and alerted to the imprisonment of his brother – Portgas D. Ace – was traveling inside the Impel Down government prison with the aim of freeing him. After multiple pitfalls which will allow him to once again cross paths with Buggy the clown and Galdino known as Mister 3. With them, he will descend ever deeper into the bowels of the building, finding at the same time Mister 2, whose real name is Benthambefore coming face to face with Magellan, prison director and user of the Fruit of Venom.

The assault

With his abilities, he easily recaptures the straw hat captain, buried under several layers of poison, leaving him with little time to live. By a twist of fate, the two friends still manage to escape, while Mister 2 takes Luffy in search of a doctor. To do this, he will go down to the lower level, looking for a person who is supposed to be able to save his friend, then taking all the risks and using his body as a shield to protect that of his friend. His perseverance will, however, be crowned with success since he manages to save his friend thanks to Ivankov’s powers, although the treatment took so long that Ace has already been transferred to Marine Ford, the place planned for his execution.

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The sacrifice

Once the information has been received, our friends, revived and joined by other escapees, return as best they can to the surface in search of freedom. And while they manage to reach a boat to escape the building, one last obstacle faces them: the Gate of Justice. The latter, which can only be operated from the prison control post, if it remains closed, inexorably condemns them to being caught by their pursuers. But when all hope is lost, its doors part allowing the former prisoners to escape. Indeed, it is Mister 2, who thanks to the powers of his Crossdresser-Fruit, stayed behind, pretending to be Magellan and ordering the soldiers to open the door.

An action which is not without consequences since in addition to condemning him to remain in Impel Down, logically attracts Magellan who swears not to let his crime go unpunished. It is then with eyes filled with tears that the escapees, but especially Luffy, hear the last words of their friend., who has already twice saved the Straw Hat Captain, encouraging Luffy to save his brother. This sacrifice allows the group to flee, filled with regret but determined to respect the last words of their savior. This event is one of the most touching moments of the manga and completely engraved the character of Bon Clay in the hearts of fans. We later learn of her survival, having become the new queen of level 5.5 of the prison.

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