News culture 35 years ago, Brad Pitt played a role in this very bad film: you have to start somewhere

Culture news 35 years ago, Brad Pitt played a role in this very bad film: you have to start somewhere

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Few fans know it, but this iconic Hollywood actor starred in a feature film considered to be “nanar”. Fortunately it didn’t tarnish his career.

Brad Pitt, this iconic actor

We are not going to insult you by introducing you to Brad Pitt. For more than three decades now, this American actor has given us many memorable performances in cult feature films.. Seven, Fight Club in the 90s or even more recently Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, which is a true love letter to cinema, the now 60-year-old actor has rubbed shoulders with the greatest filmmakers. The latter continues his very great and long career, with, for several years, also the hat of producer. He is therefore a personality full of talents who still delights the world of cinema and spectators around the world today.

However, his career did not start off in the best way. Few fans know that he has been in some real “dirts” during his career, especially in the late 80s when he was not as well known. One of them is a so-called “slasher” horror film called Cutting Class released in 1989.

Cutting Class, a chick with Brad Pitt

In this feature film which has absolutely no impact on the history of cinema, Brad Pitt plays a popular basketball player who is suspected of being behind a series of violent murders that terrorize his entire high school.. If you watch this film, you will quickly notice that the quality is not necessarily there. On Rotten Tomatoes, this production has an average of 13% and 22% respectively from the specialized press and spectators.

However, the actor’s talent is indeed present. His charisma and memorable performances allowed him two years later to stand out in Ridley Scott’s Thelma and Louise.. This feature film, released in 1991, is what truly launched his career, to the point of becoming the star he is today. In short, starting out as an actor in the cinema is far from being an easy thing, but the hope of having a good career persists when you see this kind of impressive career path. If you still want to discover this film, it is not available on streaming platforms, but you can see some images everywhere on the Internet.

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