News culture A “brilliant idea” The director of the film The Legend of Zelda has a very special announcement to make!

Culture news A “brilliant idea” The director of The Legend of Zelda film has a very special announcement to make!

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The director of The Legend of Zelda film spoke in an interview about the project. He wants to reassure fans and already knows precisely what he wants for his film. We take stock of his exciting vision of this adaptation.

Announced last November, The Legend of Zelda film project is on track. Asked about this, Wes Ball, the director of the film, spoke in the pages of Total Film. Being done within the framework of a partnership between Nintendo and Sonythe adaptation project in live action (live action) is important not only for these companies, but also and especially for fans of the franchise.

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A childhood dream

During the interview, the director of Labyrinth and the next film The Planet of the Apes spoke about his vision of the universe of his next feature film. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, how cool a Zelda movie would be,” before adding that he wants to “fulfill people’s greatest desires.” The task nevertheless promises to be arduous. If the animation lent itself perfectly to the colorful universe of Mario, the live action for Link’s adventures leaves you speechless. Many saw this as a sign of a bad film, even before the first images.

I know that this franchise (Zelda) is very important to people, and I want to make it a serious project. A real film where people can escape. – Wes Ball (Total Film)

Wes Ball also focuses on this feeling of escape. He says he “wants to live in this world” that he imagines. He then indicates that he grew up with the license which he saw continuing to be unexploited. “What I want to create is something real. Something serious and cool, but at the same time fun and whimsical.”

Common inspiration

If the film had made people cringe, the director declared during the announcement that his main inspiration was the animated cinema of Hayao Miyazaki. If the master’s genre was nevertheless requested by fans for such an adaptation, this inspiration is still reassuring. This is even logical, since Miyazaki draws inspiration from nature and its occult aspects, while Miyamoto borrows from his walks as a child in the countryside around Kyoto. This aesthetic specific to the animation studio was already a reference of the game teams for Breath of the Wild as well as Tears of the Kingdom.

I’ve always said I would love to see a live action Miyazaki. That wonder and fantasy that he brings to things, I would love to see something like that. – Wes Ball (Total Film)

Although it is necessary to wait for a trailer and the release of the title in theaters to gauge its quality, Wes Ball’s ambitions still seem to be as high as the fans. It’s reassuring.

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