News culture “A mix between Barbie and Oppenheimer” Christopher Nolan’s brother is convinced that this series is what everyone wanted

Culture news “A mix between Barbie and Oppenheimer” Christopher Nolan’s brother is convinced this series is what everyone wanted

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While we’re still waiting for news about the “Barbenheimer” movie, Jonathan Nolan believes that in a way, the crazy meeting between Barbie and Oppenheimer already exists.

A before and after “summer 2023”

Summer 2023 was marked by the simultaneous release of the Barbie and Oppenheimer films. It was in fact in July 2023 that spectators around the world were able to discover these two feature films with opposing themes. To our left, we have the most famous doll in the world who travels the real world on an initiatory quest. To our right we have Christopher Nolan’s film telling the story of scientist Robert Oppenheimer, known for working on the development of the first atomic bomb.

Both of these works were successful at the box office. It was enough for fans to imagine an improbable meeting between Barbie and Oppenheimer. The summer period was thus marked by the phenomenon commonly called “Barbenheimer” where Internet users shared their creations aimed at uniting two heroes who normally oppose each other. This phenomenon attributed to a few Internet users nevertheless pushed certain filmmakers to think seriously about the project.Barbenheimer”. The latest news is that low-cost nanar specialist Charles Band is taking charge of the project to bring it to the big screen.

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A mushroom that makes you smile

But what if the perfect meeting between Barbie and Oppenheimer already existed? This is what Jonathan Nolan, the brother of Christopher Nolan, currently producer of the Fallout series available on Amazon Prime, thinks. As spotted by our colleagues at Allociné, the producer declared to Hindustan Times that he thought he had done the “Barbenheimer” that everyone fantasized about. “Last year I joked with my brother that maybe I did Barbenheimer, the series. Because there’s a bit of all that (in Fallout – editor’s note). It also struck me when I saw the poster we made for South by Southwest, where Lucy is drinking from the Nuka Cola bottle” said Jonathan Nolan, pointing out Fallout’s similarities to Barbie (for its heroine) and Oppenheimer (for the nuclear apocalypse setting).

The Fallout series continues to be a hit on Amazon Prime. In the top 10 since its arrival, it is rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes (88% by spectators). The Fallout video games are also benefiting from this success, Fallout 4 having found itself at the top of European sales even though it dates from… 2015.

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