News culture “A pirate VHS”: Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve (Dune 2) share one thing in common, this sci-fi classic is concerned

Culture news “A pirate VHS”: Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve (Dune 2) share one thing in common, this sci-fi classic is concerned

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The meeting between two of the most influential directors in Hollywood is an event in itself. Christopher Nolan facing Denis Villeneuve… a dream come true for science fiction fans who were able to learn more about these two artists. They even share an interesting common point which necessarily concerns SF and their cinephilia.

SF according to Christopher Nolan

The former has directed some of the most notable science fiction films of recent years including Inception, Interstellar And Tenet while the second has at the same time appropriated two of the most prestigious SF sagas there are: Blade Runner And Dune. And when the two directors face each other for a cross-interview, the science fiction comes out stronger.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Christopher Nolan spoke about “the life” of a film, from its theatrical release to its arrival in homes in physical and/or digital format (VOD or SVOD). According to the director of the Dark Knight trilogy, science fiction is not a genre like any other. SF has an unfortunate tendency to fail at the box office (The Creator by Gareth Edwards is the perfect example) before enjoying a second lease of life to the point of becoming cult. To support his vision, he takes as an example a film by Ridley Scott at the origin of the cyberpunk movement in the West: Blade Runner.

I think science fiction is the genre where the long term vision takes precedence. People revisit these types of films. They value SF in the very long term.

The original Blade Runner, no one paid attention to it when it came out, it was a famous flop. And then over time, people, including me, discovered the film. -Christopher Nolan

Blade Runner on “VHS Pirate”

The rest of the interview is no less interesting. It’s quite the opposite. Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve share one thing in common, that of having discovered Blade Runner in similar conditions. And I might as well say it bluntly… it was clearly not in the optimal conditions defended in 2024 by the Oppenheimer director: at the cinema in IMAX. Christopher Nolan even states that he saw the film starring Harrison Ford at the age of 13, which may seem young, but it was a completely different time.

I think I was 13 when I first saw Blade Runner, it was on VHS. -Christopher Nolan

Did you discover Blade Runner on VHS? -Denis Villeneuve

In pirated VHS. -Christopher Nolan

Me too ! -Denis Villeneuve

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