News culture After Demon Slayer, they are creating a mind-blowing Genshin Impact anime. It’s free on YouTube!

Culture news After Demon Slayer, they are creating a mind-blowing Genshin Impact anime. It’s free on YouTube!

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The studio behind the hit anime Demon Slayer has created a new short film for… Genshin Impact! While the collaboration with Hoyoverse announced in 2022 is long overdue, this new production delights fans, offering a glimpse of a future anime.

On April 16, a fascinating trailer was released, announcing the short film titled “The Song Burning in the Embers.” Released on April 17 for free on the YouTube channel Genshin Impact and produced by Ufotable, this project marks the start of a series of promising collaborations. Peruere thus becomes the third character to benefit from his own short film, after Ayaka and Xiao. However, this one stands out by being fully animated, arousing the enthusiasm of the players. For HoYoverse, it allows you to announce the release of its banner on April 24 and make players want to summon!

The story of Arlecchino is revealed in anime

In this 7-minute short film, we delve into the childhood of Peruere, later known as Harlequin or Arlecchino. This revelation reveals the origins of a character with an ironic destiny, an orphan raised by a seemingly loving mother who is, in reality, quite the opposite. After putting an end to the lives of her comrades, she decides to attack this ruler of the home and put an end to this charade. The animation, up to the standards of excellence of the studio behind Demon Slayer, highlights a character with a cold temperament, fighting for survival and asserting his strong personality. After this fight, Peruere ends up in prison but a king decides to recruit her to become his valet. She thus becomes Arlecchino, an enforcer for the Fatui organization.

A new hope for the Genshin Impact anime?

In September 2022, HoYoverse announced an exciting collaboration with the prestigious Japanese animation studio Ufotable to create an anime based on Genshin Impact. Since then, the project had remained in the shadows, leaving doubt about its realization. However, recent rumors suggest renewed hope. If the speculations are confirmed, the series would be composed of several seasons, totaling more than a hundred episodes to retrace the complete story of Teyvat. What makes this project even more enticing is the announcement that the budget per episode would be among the highest in Japanese animation history, revealing the scale of the ambition behind this endeavor. With the release of “The Song Burning in the Embers,” fans’ anticipation and excitement continues to grow, promising an epic future for the Genshin Impact universe on the small screen.

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