News culture Crazier than Mission Impossible, this Netflix film robs a plane in mid-flight and steals $500 million in gold

Culture news Crazier than Mission Impossible, this Netflix film robs a plane in mid-flight and steals $500 million in gold

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Netflix is ​​already present at the start of the year with this action film which will show us all the colors. On the program, plane robbery in mid-flight and laughter guaranteed.

Many films have already offered us Dantean or completely unrealizable heists. From Ocean’s Eleven to Fast and Furious, heists are excuses to make very entertaining action films. But this Netflix film has decided to take an even higher level than its predecessors: robbing a plane in mid-flight to steal half a million dollars. Lift, or En Plein Vol in French, by F. Gary Gray is coming soon to Netflix for our greatest pleasure.

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In Full Flight, what is it about?

During the flight tells the story of Cyrus Whitaker, a very famous and experienced thief. After being approached by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to organize the craziest heist in history: stealing $500 million in gold from a Boeing 777. To do this, he recruits an entire elite team who will try to achieve the impossible. F. Gary Gray offers us a police comedy full of action and twists where the action never stops for more than 1 hour 40 minutes.

The film didn’t come out of nowhere because it had been announced for over 3 years now. Dan Kunka proposed, in March 2021, the first script for the film while 6 months later, Kevin Hart was announced as producer and actor of the feature film. At his side, we find Billy Magnussen who played in the very popular Bridge of Spies, but also Vincent D’Onofrio, who played 37 years earlier in Stanley Kubrick’s cult Full Metal Jacket and who we know as the Kingpin in the Marvel Daredevil series. For the filming of‘During the flight, the team traveled to many European cities such as Belfast in Northern Ireland, the province of Trieste in Italy as well as London. With a release scheduled for January 12, 2024 and exclusively on Netflix, En Plein Vol will please all those looking for something to relax in front of high-altitude action scenes.

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