News culture Fallout fans point out errors in Prime Video series, Bethesda responds

Culture news Fallout Fans Point Out Mistakes in Prime Video Series, Bethesda Responds

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For several days, a new adaptation of a video game license has been available on Amazon Prime Video. This is obviously the Fallout series, whose critical reception is generally very good. After The Last of Us on HBO or Arcane on Netflix, it’s Prime Video that shows that we can do well.

The Fallout series is part of the canon, and yet, one detail bothers fans

After a long wait, fans of fallout as well as the curious can discover the series adapted from the famous franchise recovered by Bethesda after the bankruptcy of Interplay. Available on Amazon Prime Video, the Fallout series takes place on the far right of the timeline. Set in 2296, nine years after Fallout 4, this audiovisual production therefore offers the luxury of offering a sequel while waiting for “Fallout 5”, while presenting other things linked to this universe.

Considered canon by Todd Howard, it must however be careful not to call into question too many events that have previously occurred in the various games released. And for some fans, that’s where it gets a little stuck. In the sixth episode of the series, the date of a major event is mentionedand it seems to contradict the official chronology.

This event is the nuclear bombing of Shady Sands, capital of the New California Republic, and it is featured in one of the trailers for the series. In this sixth episode, it is said that the bombing took place in 2277. However, the city is mentioned in Fallout New Vegas, which, according to the official timeline, takes place in 2281.

There is no indication that Shady Sands was already a crater at that time, and this is what annoys fans of the lore. Bethesda seems to consider New Vegas, developed by Obsidian, as canon, but this lack of clarity regarding Shady Sands raises questions. In response to post that because of the series, New Vegas was not canonand that it was a change “major“.

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Beyond the canon, a series that hits the mark

It is likely that this change, which only has an impact on absolute fans of the universe, would have gone down much better if there had not been so many declarations indicating that the series fit into the timeline created through the games:

We consider what happens in the show to be canon. What’s great is when someone else looks at your work and then transcribes it in one way or another, Todd Howard told Vanity Fair.

It’s a new story that comes, in a way, after the events we saw in the games. The series is built on 25 years of creativity, thought and development… It has changed hands, it has evolved, it has been modified and it is a living thing. And yeah, we kind of felt like we should take a chance. I’m trying to build a new element on top of all that, adds Graham Wagner, co-showrunner.

Directed by Jonathan Nolan and Wayne Yip, the Fallout series involves Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle Maclachlan, Moisés Arias, Walton Goggins or even Sarita Choudhury and Leslie Uggams. She follows in the footsteps of Lucy MacLean, a resident of Vault 33 going in search of his father. Awakened 200 years after the nuclear apocalypse, she discovers a ravaged world, full of dangers, factions and even mutants.

In this sense, the Fallout series does not differ from the games, which also take the form of post-apo stories. The action takes place on Earth, but an Earth on which nuclear war took place. Whether from the public or critics, the reception of the Fallout series is excellent. On the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon Prime Video production is credited with a 94% from the press side, and an 88% from the public. A very good omen for the future, already envisaged by the producers. We still have to wait for formalization from Amazon.

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