News culture Furiosa is useless in the Mad Max chronology and it’s its director who says so!

Culture news Furiosa is useless to the Mad Max timeline and its director says so!

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“Furiosa”, the last part of the Mad Max universe, further confuses the chronology of the saga… but that’s not a problem! George Miller himself admits that temporal consistency has never been a priority for him and he reveals why…

Since 1979, the Mad Max universe, created by George Miller, has spanned several decades and films. The saga, which began with Mad Max, took a turning point with the release of “Fury Road” in 2015, marking a significant break with the original trilogy.. The fifth opus “Furiosa” which was just released in May 2024, continues to add complexity to this timeline. Supposed to be a prologue to “Fury Road”, the last title does not clarify past events. In fact, it makes the timeline of the Mad Max universe even more confusing and that’s okay. Indeed, Furiosa is useless to the latter, and it’s George Miller who says so!

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His evolution under George Miller

George Miller had to rethink the Mad Max universe between the original trilogy and “Fury Road”. The change of main actor, from Mel Gibson to Tom Hardy, symbolizes this renewal. The narrative has been reshaped, with events like the moment of the nuclear bombs being repositioned in time. For example, in the original trilogy, the apocalypse is located between films 2 and 3, while Fury Road places it between films 1 and 2. This inconsistency makes any attempt to create a linear timeline difficult. George Miller himself admitted that the films do not have a strict chronology and he prefers to focus on independent episodes from Max’s life.

Miller’s indifference to chronological consistency

George Miller never worried about maintaining strict consistency between the different films. At a press conference for Fury Road, he explained that each film is an independent episode in Max’s life.

The films have no strict chronology. Fury Road probably takes place after “Beyond Thunderdome”, but it’s simply an episode in Max’s life. It’s a segment, and we revisit this universe. I never wrote this story, or even the other stories, with a chronological connection in mind. – explained director George Miller for Polygon

Furiosa is no exception, despite its prequel status. The film, set 45 years after the apocalypse, makes no effort to perfectly align events with those of previous films. This approach allows Miller to focus on creating myths and legends, rather than being hampered by a rigid timeline. For the director, Max embodies an ideology more than a character, who could be played by anyone.

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