News culture It’s Top Gun Maverick on a racetrack! The first trailer for the F1 movie starring Brad Pitt is here and it rocks…

Culture news It’s Top Gun Maverick on a racetrack! The first trailer for the F1 movie starring Brad Pitt is here and it rocks…

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The first trailer for “F1” starring Brad Pitt is finally here, promising a spectacular immersion into the world of motor racing. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this film is already shaping up to be a future classic in the vein of Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick on track: Brad Pitt in F1

It’s done! After more than a year of mystery surrounding this film, a trailer is here! Remember, a little less than a month ago, we learned that the next film by Brad Pittsoberly called “F1”. If the title could still be temporary, it immediately announces the color and promises us a wild feature film in the world of Formula 1. Only, the latter has an added value: it is directed by Joseph Kosinski, who created Top Gun: Maverick.

With him at the helm, we won’t have to forget the green screens. The director has already promised that he will create an ultra-realistic experience with real races and stunts, as he did for Top Gun with Tom Cruise. “The approach of Formula 1 (the film’s code name at the time) is to film real races and real cars and capture them. It’s going to be a huge challenge, but it’s exciting for me,” the man explained to The Wrap last July. With the trailer just released, we can assume that he succeeded in his bet !

Who said anything about security?

“F1” has finally unveiled a very encouraging first trailer for the project by Joseph Kosinski and Brad Pitt. We see the actor in his role as Sonny Hayesa retired driver, is preparing for his next race against teams such as Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin or McLaren. He is alongside the actress Kerry Condonwho plays a technical director. She asks him how she’s supposed to make her star safe. Pitt replies: ” Who said anything about security? “.

Right away, the tone is set! The races will be furious and with only one goal: victory. This is also reminiscent of Maverick in the last Top Gun, who tells his students to stop following the rules if they want to survive, before subjecting them to intensive training. Moreover, as the actor teased, “F1” should follow the same formula than Tom Cruise’s epic.

“Hayes had a terrible accidenthe lost his temper a bit and disappeared to compete in other races,” Pitt told Sky Sports. Events will mean that he will have to train a team of rookies and, more particularly, its star driver. “It’s a team that is last in the standings… They have never scored a point. They have a young phenomenon played by Damson Idris“, he continues. To discover this new phenomenon in the cinema, however, we will have to wait a few years. “F1” will be released in theaters on June 25, 2025then exclusively on Apple TV, the American giant’s streaming platform.

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