News culture “James Cameron style on Aliens”: the director of Vermin with Coal on the next film in this horror saga

Culture news “James Cameron style on Aliens”: the director of Coal Vermin on the next film in this horror saga

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After his successful film Vermin, director Sébastien Vaniček is already in the middle of his new project: it is a new feature film in a famous horror saga.

After 3 short films, Sébastien Vaniček had thought bigger. He directed Vermines, his first feature film, lasting 1 hour 43 minutes, released on December 27, 2023. And the sauce took off immediately, according to the film’s positive feedback.. On Rotten Tomatoes, his horror project received a score of 90% with 13 reviews. An equally positive assessment on Allociné with a score 3.8/5 awarded by spectators based on 1855 reviews. Sébastien Vaniček is therefore at his very beginnings which already seems promising. And his career is only taking off since February 6, we know that he is now developing a new film from a famous horror saga: Evil Dead.

As a reminder, Vermines follows the story of Kaleb who lives in a city in the Paris suburbs. Passionate about exotic animals, he will then acquire a venomous spider. However, her life and that of the building’s residents will change dramatically after her new pet escapes and begins to spread and grow at lightning speed.

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After the success of his film, Sébastien Vaniček attracted the interest of Ghost House Picturesa production company owned by Sam Raimi notably behind The Grudge (producer), the very first Spider-Man trilogy (director) and obviously the Evil Dead (director). While Sébastien worried about working in Hollywood for fear of losing control, Sam Raimi’s company reassured her. “ After a few meetings with American studios, I quickly saw that I was going to be constrained as my creative freedom was not central to them. […] And then I had an interview with Ghost House Pictures during which I felt a real interest in my way of working » he indicates in a long interview given to First. “ I want to do a James Cameron move on Aliens. That is to say, let us know that this Evil Dead is mine » he adds enthusiastically.

After having set certain precise conditions, such as filming with his technicians, doing post-production in France or even producing the screenplay, the creator of Vermines set to work. What came out was a 15-page file with drawings that he went to present to producers in Los Angeles.. “ I put it on the table and told them that this was what our Evil Dead would look like to Florent Bernard (who worked in collaboration with Sébastien on the screenplay for Vermines, Editor’s note) and me. They fell for it. They had obviously received other proposals, but nothing had taken » explains Sébastien Vaniček.

Its objective is now to continue to export France to the United States through its various projects. In fact, he declared, still for Première, that he had other 100% French films in his pipeline which could benefit from American aid.

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