News culture She took the fans’ breath away! 18 years later, the final sequence of this Marvel film is still as stunning and disturbing as ever

Culture news She took the fans’ breath away! 18 years later, the final sequence of this Marvel film is still as stunning and disturbing as ever

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Marvel films are the source of many cult scenes, and not only in MCU films. Before the arrival of Iron-Man, Captain America, and the Avengers, other superheroes left their mark on the minds of fans of the genre, including a particular scene from a controversial film…

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A wave of nostalgia

Right now, nostalgia is there for fans of the universe Marvel. With the recent release of a new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverinewhich you can find at the header of this article, fans not only had the opportunity to review Hugh Jackman in the shoes of the famous Wolverine seven years after his last interpretation of the mutant in Logan, but especially to see him dressed in the yellow costume always associated with the X-Men. On top of that, the trailer is filled with references to other films Marveland even to feature films born before the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Or MCUas the Spiderman of Sam Raimi (which is actually back in cinemas in the United States at the moment) or even the very first film X-Men Or Logan makes waves in a bar, a scene which was also the subject of a wink during the cameo of Hugh Jackman In X-Men: The Beginning.

Wolverine is considered one of the fan-favorite characters in the X-Men universe, but he is far from being the only notable character. Even if Logan has a major role in the Fox trilogy, it is often Magnetoperformed at the time by Sir Ian McKellen, which overshadows him. Portrayed as the main antagonist of the saga because of his radical methods for protecting mutants, Erik Lehnsherr bursts the screen with each appearance. Charismatic, powerful, and above all capable of extreme violence despite a calm and thoughtful exterior, Magneto features in many cult scenes from the original trilogy, and particularly from the last film…

The end of a myth… or not?

Even if X-Men: The Last Stand is objectively the least successful film of this first trilogy (especially if we base ourselves on its score of 57% for criticism and 61% for fans on Rotten Tomatoes), he still managed to make an impression thanks to a few scenes with strong dramatic potential. In this world where humans are trying to eradicate the mutant threat with a vaccine capable of removing their powers, Magneto and his companions seek to eliminate the source of this mysterious serum. It is by doing field research that Mystical pays the price for this “antidote” by protecting Magnetowho will thank her by abandoning her.

But the latter will not escape unscathed, since he will also lose his powers during the final battle. A backlash administered by The Beast to prevent Magneto to bring down Wolverine, against whom his powers of magnetism wreak havoc. Devoid of what made him a mutant, the cause for which Magneto has been fighting for years is flying away. Just like his identity, since he is now just an old man called Erik Lehnsherr. The very symbol of the movement for the freedom of mutants is no longer, a decision which gives a certain finality to this third part, but which will above all be at the origin a scene that kept fans in suspense for many years.

We of course want to talk about the ending scene, where Erik Lehnsherr sits alone at a chess table in a park. In addition to serving as a tribute to his friend Charles Xavier with whom he used to play, this sequence mainly serves to sow doubt among fans. Indeed, when the ex-mutant approaches his hand to the queen, it begins to tremble, as if the powers of Magneto were at work. Nowadays, such a scene would have taken place after the end credits, and would have been followed by a black screen with “Magneto Will Return” written in white. But Fox never followed up on this scene, opting instead for a complete reboot with X-Men: The Beginning. Enough to frustrate the fans, but above all something to be remembered.

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