News culture Sydney Sweeney starred in Madame Web only to sell THIS film to Sony: her strategy paid off

Culture news Sydney Sweeney starred in Madame Web only to sell THIS film to Sony: her strategy paid off

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Behind certain cinematographic appearances, there are sometimes tough negotiations. Not all of them are successful, but among them, there are still some great successes. By agreeing to participate in Madame Web, actress Sydney Sweeney had another ambition: to sell a film to Sony, and it was a really good idea!

Thanks to the film Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney expands her canvas in the world of cinema

Under the Silver Lake, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Euphoria, The White Lotus, Everything except you, Madame Web. During these last few years, actress Sydney Sweeney has been seen in a multitude of projects, so much so that we have the impression of seeing her everywhere on the screen, big and small. Thanks to these many years of experience – the actress made her debut at the end of the 2000s, notably in a (very) secondary role in the series Heroes -, Sydney Sweeney has built up quite a network in the film industry, and this is only the beginning.

It is true that his presence in the film Madame Webumpteenth production of the universe Marvel headed by Sony Pictures, is not really the feature film that will propel her to the top, and the young actress, at the height of her career, is fully aware of this. In reality, her role as Julia Carpenter was an open door to future affairs with the production company. It is also for this very simple reason that the actress is not more affected than that by the mediocre performances in the film. Madame Web. As she explained to the magazine GQ, the Marvel movie was “ angular stone » of his relationship with Sony, as well as the first step towards this recently released film.

By playing in Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney still offered Sony great success

I make career choices not just by focusing on stories, but also by making strategic business decisions. » In a single sentence, Sydney Sweeney makes it clear to us that his participation in Madame Web was a much more lucrative and useful market than one might think. As it happens, his appearance in this film Marvel allowed him to ensure the distribution of one of his latest flagship films, Everything except you with actor Glen Powelland Sony must have rejoiced given the success of this romantic comedy.

Certainly, the release of the film Everything except you did not arouse a worldwide plebiscite regarding criticism but the fact remains that he was able to conquer the box office and attract spectators (87% recommendation on Rotten Tomatoes). With a small budget of $25 million, Everything except you became one of the very (very) free adaptations of a play by William Shakespeare to reach such a break-even pointending its run with a cumulative revenue of almost 200 million dollarsaccording to data collected by Variety. In short, a very big cinematic surprise which must certainly have pleased Sony, as well as the actress who must definitely be in the company’s good books after that.

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