news from season 2, it will divide

Season 2 of One Piece is actually starting to take shape! A wanted notice finally gives us more information on the continuation of the Netflix series.

Netflix has long focused on franchises that have proven themselves. In doing so, it ensures a lot of adaptation of all kinds. We saw him draw from comics with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and even Warrior Nun. She also adapts the literary saga of the Bridgerton Chronicles, and is tackling animation with cartoons like She-Ra and Avatar, but also manga, with Death Note and now One Piece.

But, adapting in live action a manga-river with a universe as eccentric and incredible as One Piece was clearly unthinkable… until the SVOD platform took up the challenge! After a first season which was able to reasonably convince even the most refractory, the sequel is being prepared. Some new major information has just leaked!

Netflix series One Piece prepares its next arc

On the social network However, the team behind this account has unearthed new information that we were impatiently awaiting for season 2!

In fact, a new call for casting for the second season of One Piece has reportedly been launched. The character concerned would be Miss Golden Week, Marianne from her French first name. She is an important member of the Baroque Works organization, who will put a spoke in the wheels of the Straw Hat crew. She uses paint and colors to influence her enemies with her power, the “Colors Trap”.

According to the announcement, Netflix is ​​looking for a young woman over the age of 18, of any possible ethnicity to play this young girl in her late teens. The character will require an attitude “ impassive at the Wednesday Addams “. Miss Goldenweek is also described as a sadist who prefers ” turning people into puppets with his powers rather than making friends “. In this, even Luffy’s optimism would be undermined in his presence.

Remember that Marianne remains a secondary character in the One Piece manga. However, with her sidekicks, she offers great scenes of confrontation with the Straw Hat team! Additionally, its casting indicates that this season will deal with the Little Garden arc. So this is one more step towards Alabasta!

Finally, through this announcement, we also learn that season 2 would take into account 8 episodes, as much as for the first season. It’s finally something concrete that we have for the One Piece series. This is all encouraging. But, some may wonder the point of introducing a minor character like Miss Goldenweek, while others would probably like a longer season.

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