News game Dying Light 2 illustrates its different modes on PS5 in video and reveals stunning graphics!

Game News Dying Light 2 illustrates its different modes on PS5 in video and reveals stunning graphics!

We’re almost there: the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human is getting closer and closer. But even though Techland has come to the end of its communication around the game with its series of Dying 2 Know shows, the development studio has not finished showing its next creature at its best. Today, Sony’s latest machine has been chosen to spotlight the game’s three performance and resolution modes.

Currently, it’s very simple: we always learn a little more, and this every day, on Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Will the game still have secrets when it comes out? We hope so! Still, to surprise us, the developers are there. Recently, they told us about their ambitions for future content to come in Dying Light 2 and revealed to us the richness of its script.. In short, if you want to discover everything that Techland’s latest creation has in store, we advise you to take a look. to this article before the official launch of the game, next February 4, on different mediums.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in the same boat and Switch players will have to be patient if they really want to acquire the Cloud version of the game: indeed, the release on Nintendo’s portable console has been delayed. However, it is not this machine that interests us today, but the PlayStation 5 which had the right, thanks to Techland, to serve as a guinea pig to illustrate the different resolution and performance modes of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

What to choose: 4K, Ray-tracing, 60 FPS+?

With the release of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland leaves, in a way, the embarrassment of choice to the player thanks to its three modes of performance and resolution. The development studio also illustrates this in a brand new dedicated video which, from the outset, offers us a comparison, in the form of a triptych, of the different performance modes available before tackling each of them, more specificly. Note that Microsoft consoles will benefit just as much!

We therefore find a Resolution mode, a Quality mode and, finally, a Performance mode. If the protagonist at the beginning of the video welcomes us warmly in what he calls “paradise”, it is difficult to believe that he is alluding to any form of hospitality both the world of Dying Light and the alleys of The City seem particularly hostile. Graphics heaven, perhaps? It could be more appropriate, indeed!

Dying Light 2 illustrates its different modes on PS5 in video and reveals stunning graphics!

It is first of all Quality mode who comes on stage to praise the high level of parameters game, but also the use of Ray-tracing : we can also see the rendering of technology both through bright exteriors and within more gloomy interiors teeming with infected. Solve mode, him, gives pride of place to the use of 4K, however the video does not directly mention whether it works natively or dynamically.

Finally, today’s excerpt, at the top of the article, ends with the presentation of the Performance mode which focuses on the fluidity of the game thanks to its 60FPS and more : performance that comes at the expense of graphic quality. Nevertheless, the result is impressive when we see Aiden moving with the help of his parkour abilities, using his various equipment, such as the grappling hook, and illustrating his appetite for eliminating infected with great blows of a machete. .

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