News game “Impossible that’s true!” This screenshot of this PS5 game is driving Internet users crazy

Game news “No way that’s true!” This screenshot of this PS5 game is driving Internet users crazy

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This image published by a Reddit user has Internet users talking a lot. Of impressive quality, this photo from a PS5 exclusive is one of the most beautiful since the release of the console.

PlayStation 5: Breathtaking graphics

When user @Someweirdbanana posted this photo from the game ”’Horizon Forbidden West”’ on Reddit, he certainly didn’t think she was going to be talked about so much. However following this publication, hundreds of people in comments, were able to highlight the exceptional work carried out by Sony And Guerrilla Games on the quality of the graphics and images offered. “Look at the details on this hand. Forbidden West is easily one of the best looking games I have ever played” says @Spacecowboy_1711. Others are delighted with the freshness that these images bring to the world of video games. “It’s this type of image quality that allows me to continue playing after 40 years in gaming”, we can also read.

If players can enjoy more and more experience immersive, it is thanks to the work of Sony but also of video game developers. Indeed, what makes the PlayStation 5 so unique is its magnificent visuals. All this is made possible thanks to the AMD RDNA 2 microarchitecture. This GPU is compatible with the ray tracinga technology that improves the quality of graphics by making more realistic shadows and lights. Other games have also left their mark on the video game community with their graphics such as
Ghost of Tsushima, Demon’s Souls
or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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PlayStation 5: Horizon Forbidden, one of the most beautiful games created!

The reactions provoked by the image resulting from Horizon Forbidden Westsupport his notoriety as one of the most beautiful games ever created on PS5. This image quality is made possible thanks to the various updates made to the game’s Performance mode. This mode is a feature that allows players to personalize their graphics experience. The Guerilla Games team has made changes to the vegetation that improve the actual effect. To make the gameplay even more immersive, it is possible to completely deactivate the weapon interface.

The Photo mode options also allow players to have good handling of Precision mode thanks to a “much greater control when panning and moving the camera, especially when using long focal lengths and wide apertures”. These features make Horizon Forbidden West one of the best games to propose an extraordinary visual experience!

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