News game Pokémon Legends Arceus: a new trailer encourages travel and prepares the arrival of the exclusive Nintendo Switch

Game News Legends Pokémon Arceus: a new trailer encourages travel and prepares the arrival of the exclusive Nintendo Switch

The end of January promises to be particularly interesting: on the one hand, the Uncharted saga which returns to PS5 and on the other, the Pokémon franchise which returns with Pokémon Legends Arceus. The latter just delivers a brand new video.

Future tidal wave to predict

The release of a new Pokémon game is always, in itself, a cultural event as the Nintendo franchise imposes: it is one of the hens that lay the golden eggs of Japanese society and every game is a hit. commercial. Despite everything, and even if the public constantly responds, it seems that the latter wants a reworked, refreshed formula: Game Freak has apparently listened to the players and is preparing to lay Pokémon Legends: Arceus, in a few days.

Inevitably, the arrival of a new component requires preparing the ground with a nice salvo of media: yesterday, we were therefore entitled to no less than thirteen minutes of gameplay, which we decipher for you in detail at this address. Today, a new video (available above) comes to us in the style of advertising, with one watchword: go on an adventure.

Hunting Fishing

It must be admitted that this episode promises to be a bit special, differing slightly from the original recipe. Here, no league or badge: the goal will be to draw up the very first Pokédex in history, in a context returning to the very origins of Pokémon hunters. A rather attractive pitch that will revolve around a larger, more modern open world, showing off the Hisui region.

On the gameplay side, some changes are also to be expected: we can opt for infiltration to catch certain Pokémon – for example by diverting their attention while hiding in tall grass – or of course for frontal combat, which will include more mechanics from traditional action games (the turn per turn is nevertheless preserved, aficionados can rest assured).

In short, to see if Pokémon Legends Arceus manages to oxynate the saga brilliantly, meet on January 28 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: pre-orders at the best price are open!

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