news of the highly anticipated horror game

The horror game Still Wakes the Deep, by the creators of Dear Esther, was talked about again during the PC Gaming Show 2023. The studio to count on the talent of a big name in the industry.

The Chinese Room has carved out a nice reputation with titles like Dear Esther, Amnesia and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Next year, the British studio will return with a brand new creation: Still Wakes the Deep. A title still focused on horror and first-person view, in which players will play as a worker on an oil platform. Details around the game are rare, but the developers have agreed to make a small reveal during the PC Gaming Show.

Some notes from Still Wakes the Deep

We’ll arrest you right away. For new information or gameplay you will have to wait a little longer. On the other hand, the studio has lifted the veil on the composer who will be responsible for transcribing the unique atmosphere of the game. This heavy task has been entrusted to Jason Graves, whose notes you have heard in popular license games, such as Far Cry , Tomb Raider and Dead Space. The studio has therefore bought itself a big name nominated several times at the BAFTAs. To contribute as faithfully as possible to the mood and tone of Still Wakes the Deep, the artist commissioned an instrument just to compose the game’s music. A metallic sound structure taking the shape of a darkly oil rig nicknamed “The Rig”. The goal is to create strange, metallic sounds that permeate the game’s score. Everything is coupled with a synthesizer, adding a layer of strangeness to the whole thing.

Once again, The Chinese Room should stand out with a unique atmosphere. For the record, in Still Wakes the Deep, players sail on an offshore oil platform. They must quickly fight for their survival in the face of particularly difficult weather conditions, but also against an “unknown horror” which has lodged itself on board. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to discover more about the gameplay and the concept of the game. Sill Wakes the Deep is still planned for 2024 on Xbox Series PC, PC and PS5. The game will also be available upon launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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