news that will clearly disappoint fans

While rumors were circulating about the upcoming and timely release of an FFX remake, a leaker came to put an end to it… which will disappoint fans.

According to a leak dating from June 2023, Square Enix was working on an FFX Remake which would be launched in 2026, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. But it ultimately didn’t happen, much to the chagrin of fans of this episode.

Putting aside the FFX remake

The leak regarding a potential FFX Remake came from a certain ImAHeroToo on formerly Twitter. Unfortunately for fans, another leaker going by the pseudonym Midori recently came to bury their hopes on this subject. This one responded to another fan asking if Square Enix would work on remakes. To which Midori replied: “ Yes. But there is no FFX remake in development “. Since then, ImAHeroToo has also deleted its account and its publications relating to its allegations. Which therefore adds a certain credibility to Midori’s words.

In the same conversation, however, he confirmed another rumor that regularly comes up. He has in fact confirmed that a Remake of the ninth opus would be in development. The match is in any case disputed between fans regarding which of the two episodes is more popular. Square Enix, however, seems to have decided in favor of the ninth.

Since all of this comes from conversations between fans and leakers, however, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. As of now, Square Enix has not officially announced that it is working on the FFX Remake or FFIX. We will therefore have to wait for any formal announcement in this regard. Regardless, the Japanese giant has recently made a major change in strategy regarding Final Fantasy and its licenses in the broad sense. After many idyllic years with PlayStation, it is obviously time for him to move to a multiplatform approach. Its next games should therefore also arrive on PC and Xbox Series, to improve its profitability, but which should not displease gamers in the broad sense either.

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