News tip Maistre Mage Dragon’s Dogma 2: The magic of books… Where to find it to learn the secret skill “Meteor Shower”?

News tip Master Mage Dragon’s Dogma 2: The magic of books… Where to find it to learn the secret skill “Meteor Shower”?

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Do you want to perfect your fighting style as a Mage by learning the secret skill of this class, but you can’t find the master Mage in Dragon’s Dogma 2? In this DD2 article, we explain everything about it!

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  • Class Masters… What are they for?
  • Who is the Master Mage in Dragon’s Dogma 2?
  • The magic of books… How to stop Trysha?

Class Masters… What are they for?

Masters are characters who hold important knowledge about a specific class in Dragon’s Dogma II.. This knowledge is embodied in a unique skill that Class Guilds cannot teach you.

Indeed, a special work is necessary to know the secrets of the masters, and only these experts hold them. So, if you want to perfect your art in combat, you will have to go in search of them to acquire them, but not only that… Obtaining their recognition is the key so that they can deliver their secrets to you.

While some masters will introduce themselves to you naturally, a bit like the Archer-Mage master, others will be much more discreet and will wait until you have proven yourself before revealing all their secrets to you..

Who is the Master Mage in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The master Mage is called Eini, he is in his home deep in the forest located northwest of the Border Guard Outpost..

To get the chance to speak with Eini, you will have to speak with her granddaughter, Trysha. The latter wants to learn magic, but his grandfather categorically refuses. So, wait until her grandfather leaves the house to speak with Trysha again. She will once again tell you of her desire to learn magic and will task you with obtaining 5 volumes of witchcraft. So, the quest “The magic of books” will activate in your journal.

Below you will find the location of each of the grimoires needed to complete Trysha’s quest. Note that unlike the Myrdinn quest, here all the grimoires are necessary to obtain the secret skill “Meteor Shower”.

  • Let there be light : You will find this grimoire in Myrdinn’s residence in the Stopover Village, upstairs.
  • Thundering Shield : You can buy this grimoire from the traveling merchant Dudley in Melve.
  • Death knell of the nation : You will find this grimoire at the old battlefield located north of the Stopover Village, in the Cavern of the Borders.
  • Howling Blizzard : You will find this grimoire at Turquoise Falls, northeast of the Border Guard Outpost.

Although it is advisable to give fake grimoires to Myrdinn, be aware that it is strongly discouraged to give counterfeits to Trysha. The quest risks ending prematurely, depriving you of the secret of the Master Mage.

Several days after the delivery of the 5 magical grimoires, you will find Trysha completely out of control; she can’t control the spells she uses. It is therefore your duty to stop her, but in the right way, because killing her will mean depriving you of Eini’s secret, so what should you do?

To avoid any misdirection, order your pawns not to move, then wait for Trysha to run out of magic. When she runs out of steam, grab her with the RT/R2 buttons on your controller. Eini will intervene and ask you to come back in a few days, time to calm Trysha down.

When returning to the small forest cabin after several days, Eini will thank you for your help and teach you her secret skill “Meteor Shower”.

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