News video: Adele shows her well-trained body in a bikini photo

Adele is celebrating the Notting Hill Carnival in a very special way: In the video you can see which bikini photo she uses, how much her body has changed in recent years.

Adele has caused quite a few surprises in recent months. Anyone who has not followed her everyday life on Instagram suddenly became puzzled by the latest pictures of the singer. "Really what? I wouldn't have recognized her!" has become almost a standard exclamation in current Adele photos. And this picture, which she has now posted on the occasion of the Notting Hill Carnival, hardly bears any resemblance to the Adele from before – or even to the Adele from a few weeks ago.

Bird of paradise with colorful feathers

For the first time, Adele confidently shows how much she has lost weight and presents her flat stomach in a colorful mix of tight leggings and a Jamaican bikini top. Above all, her hair, which is braided into elaborate mini snails, gives her a completely unusual look. In London this year the Notting Hill Carnival has to be canceled due to corona – with this photo Adele gives us at least a small compensation for the canceled festivities and shows what a strong performance you can make with a single photo.