News video: Andrea Sawatzki – emotional farewell to mother

Andrea Sawatzki mourns her mother. The "Tatort" star said goodbye with emotional words on Instagram.

A sad reason for an unusual picture on her Instagram profile: Andrea Sawatzki says goodbye to her mother with a very personal post. "Mom, will always love you, will always stay in our hearts", writes the 57-year-old about the black and white photo, which shows her mother in an exuberant way.

Condolences from celebrity friends

In the comments, Sawatzki received numerous condolences, also from other German celebrities such as Jochen Schropp and Désirée Nosbusch. Sawatzi lost her father at the age of 13, but was never able to develop a close bond with him due to his years of absence. "We have remained strangers to each other," said Sawatzki once about her father in an interview. "No love could grow between us."