News video: Heidi Klum shows family Christmas photo

Heidi Klum
Family Christmas photo with tell-tale detail

Good mood and lots of Christmas love: Heidi Klum knows how to prepare well for the festival


Heidi Klum and her family have festively decorated and are posing in a good mood in front of the camera – but one detail in the picture is suspicious.

One day we will wake up … but Heidi Klum and her family have already completely set their house for Christmas. Together with Tom, Bill and the children, their home is lovingly decorated, the tree is decorated and the wrapped presents are ready. Full of anticipation, everyone takes a pre-Christmas snapshot – which promptly raises many questions.

Presents and Christmas love

Of course, it is not surprising that a family with so much Christmas passion does not compromise when it comes to gifts: The large number of beautifully wrapped presents in the photo is impressive. Above all, however, two Christmas presents in the background arouse curiosity – because they are not only larger than some people, but also pose a puzzle due to their shape: Heidi could have stowed a complete Santa Claus in them together with a sleigh. In any case, we are excited to see what the solution to this little riddle will be.