News video: Here's what kids say about coronavirus restrictions

The corona virus continues to spread strongly in Germany. Schools are also gradually tightening their protective measures – and how is that perceived by the students?

Nothing helps: the coronavirus continues to spread, despite the first "Lockdown Light" measures. On one point the federal states are at least unanimous: the schools should really be the last to be closed if further protective measures are decided. But already now many schools have to react to the increasing numbers of infections by adapting the corona hygiene rules. But how do the students concerned think about the mask, distance and ventilation?

"You're just out in the fresh air."

It shows that most of the children interviewed by RTL get along well with the hygiene measures. Of course they are less enthusiastic about some restrictions – after all, in some groups it can trigger deep crises to suddenly have to officially decide on a "best friend" with whom contact will continue exclusively for the time being. First of all, however, we have to wait and see which new regulations will be decided between the federal and state governments these days.