News-Video: Karl Dall – unfortunately this wish remained unfulfilled

Karl Dall has passed away. A video published shortly before his death shows which wish unfortunately no longer came true for the entertainer.

Karl Dall was a show legend that is seldom seen these days. For decades he was an integral part of German television, had his own talk show ("Dall-Ass") for many years and was also seen in numerous cinema productions. Now he died completely unexpectedly while filming the ARD series "Rote Rosen". Shortly before that, the series' Instagram channel posted a video of Dall that would become his final message to fans.

"… if I can still experience that."

As usual, Dall shows himself to be a professional who comments on his upcoming performance with a dry joke. But the end of the video now lets many fans swallow: Dall ends the clip with a joke about his possible demise, which has now become bitter truth.