News video: Michelle Obama – 5 words that are devastating to Trump

Michelle Obama delivers a fiery speech in the US Democratic election campaign. In the video you can see why she attacks US President Donald Trump unexpectedly harshly.

Michelle Obama has so far held back when it comes to attacks on Donald Trump. Sure, she was obviously not very happy that he was succeeding her husband Barrack Obama in the White House. But Michelle did not want to go to the level of mutual insults that Trump had made more socially acceptable than ever in the election campaign. "They go low, we go high" is their motto – in attacks below the belt it should be shown how much more convincing than a clumsy setback is a deliberate reaction. But now the former first lady has become unusually clear.

"It is, what it is"

Unusually direct, she attacked Donald Trump at the Democratic Party conference and named the culprit, who is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths due to his poor management of the coronavirus crisis. In a long list, she listed the mistakes and personal deficits that made Trump a catastrophic president and miserable crisis manager. But it is above all their conclusion that makes this list so devastating for Trump: "It is, what it is." These words made many Americans very angry when Donald Trump shrugged and summarized the current status of the corona pandemic. 170,000 dead? "It is as it is." Michelle Obama could not have found a more fitting exaggeration of what is problematic about Donald Trump.

The Democrats' Congress – the big election show

Former rivals such as Senator Bernie Sanders also appear. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the core of the event takes place virtually in two-hour blocks at prime time instead of the traditional election party. Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd, who was killed in a police operation, spoke at the start of the event.