News-Video: Stiftung Warentest chooses discounter mineral water with top marks

Mineral water is a popular refreshment, especially on hot summer days. In the video you can see why a discount mineral water of all times became a Stiftung Warentest winner this year.

Mineral water is one of the most popular drinks in Germany. Now the Stiftung Warentest has again examined the quality of the brands. While some waters are unfortunately inferior, a discounter product was able to convince the foundation across the board.

It tingles on the tongue

Sure, strictly speaking, we don't need to buy mineral water as long as we have a working tap. And yet there are many people who taste great differences between the products and who like to pay a little more for their favorite drink. In this case, this is not absolutely necessary – you can see in the video why a discount mineral water did so well this year.

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