News video: Wendler's ex-manager unpacks: "Humanly a zero"

Michael Wendler
Harsh judgment from ex-manager Markus Krampe

Michael Wendler and Markus Krampe are now going separate ways professionally.


Michael Wendler's former manager speaks plainly about the point at which he could no longer reconcile it with his conscience to work with the singer.

At the end of last year, Michael Wendler came out as a corona skeptic and campaigned for questionable conspiracy theories on Instagram. Not only did he end the time he had just begun as a member of the jury for the casting show DSDS; Shortly thereafter, his manager Markus Krampe broke off his collaboration with the singer. In an interview with, Krampe now revealed the real background behind his decision.

"Human a total zero"

Regardless of the conspiracy theories, according to Krampe, Wendler did not tell the truth on a very important point – and it is quite possible that he saw with full eyes that he would drive his own daughter Adeline into ruin. According to his own statement, Krampe did not want to be complicit in this shameful behavior and immediately ended the cooperation. In the video you can see how Krampe himself explains which Wendler's decision led to the final break with him.