News Warframe tip, Prime Gaming January 2022 rewards: how to get them?

news tip Warframe, Prime Gaming January 2022 rewards: how to get them?

Warframe, Digital Extremes’ space TPS, regularly releases exclusive new cosmetics for Prime Gaming subscribers. This month, subscribers to Amazon’s service will be able to receive many cosmetic packs!

Three free packs for Warframe fans

Amazon’s Prime Gaming service lets you regularly benefit from advantages and bonuses to be unlocked in the titles most appreciated by players. Warframe, which is part of it, renews its partnership. The third-person shooter from Digital Extremes periodically offers bonuses in the form of exclusive customizations. The game takes place within the Solar System, where the player embodies a Tenno warrior, a race of humans with powers who fight using armor called Warframes. Currently, Prime Gaming is offering three cosmetic content packs to all premium service subscribers who play Waframe.

You may not know it but the Prime Gaming service is included in theAmazon Prime subscription, free for the first 30 days and offering many other advantages than just in-game bonuses: access to Prime Video’s catalog of programs, free shipping on your physical product orders on Amazon, an included Twitch support subscription to give to a streamer of your choice each month to support them and enjoy their personalized emotes… Warframe’s cosmetic packs are just a small portion of the many perks that Prime membership has in store for you, which are listed at $49 per year. Here’s how to get the Verv Set for Loki, Penta Verv Pack, and Kubrow Ifrit Verv Armor from Warframe if you’re a Prime subscriber.

Collect Prime Gaming Warframe “Verv Packs” Rewards

  • Go to the portal dedicated to Warframe from Prime Gaming.
  • Select the content pack to retrieve and click “Go to Digital Extremes” to connect your account Warframe to your account Amazon.
  • Return to the Prime Gaming portal, click “Complete Recovery
  • All you have to do is get started Warframe to collect your reward and enjoy it without further delay.

Warframe Walkthrough Summary

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