NFC wireless charging is coming, but what is it for?

Charging using NFC will undoubtedly be possible thanks to Android 15. But what can it be used for? We already have some ideas.

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Google I/O 2024 is fast approaching, and the first beta of Android 15 is already here. Among the new features, a major innovation: the possibility of charging devices via NFC. But how does it work?

The Qi standard is well known for wireless charging of smartphones, including iPhones. However, it is not suitable for small devices because it requires a relatively large coil. The Qi 2 standard, which appeared this year, does not solve this problem.

Faced with this limitation, an extension of the standard NFC (Near Field Communication) for wireless charging exists. This technology is also supported for the first time by Android 15, as explained Android Authority. And, it is far from new.

The industry consortium behind the NFC standard introduced the charging option called NFC Wireless Charging (WLC) in May 2020. With a maximum of 1 watt, it offers significantly lower charging power than the Qi standard, but can be implemented much more compactly. Additionally, the technology can be integrated onto flexible printed circuits.

Android Central has discovered a new class called NfcCharging in the NFC stack of Android 15 Beta 1. Not only can it transmit charging status data via NFC, but it can also start and stop the charging process.

Integration with the Find My Device network and digital pens

Android Authority assumes that the reason for implementing WLC technology in the next version of Android is the new Find My Device network, in which Bluetooth trackers can also be integrated. Their batteries can be used for up to a year, but in many cases they cannot be recharged. A charging option via NFC would therefore be a welcome addition. We are also thinking of styluses, which could be charged via NFC.

Also remember that NFC — Near Field Communication — allows two compatible devices located close to each other to exchange data quickly and easily. This communication protocol is mainly used for contactless payments with your bank card or your mobile or to validate a ticket on public transport.

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