NFL BIOSCIENCES: 1st inclusion of a volunteer in the PRECESTO study – 2023-02-22 at 18:00

This Phase IIa clinical study, entitled PRECESTO, was approved by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), and received the favorable opinion of the Committee for the Protection of Persons (CPP) in November 2022 Its main objective is to validate the complementarity of NFL-101 with other smoking cessation treatments and in particular nicotine substitutes (transdermal patches (patches), tablets, chewing gum, inhalers and nicotine spray) with a view to the development of an innovative treatment method combining NFL-101 and other smoking cessation methods. PRECESTO is implemented at the Eurofins Optimed clinical research center in Gières, in the Grenoble region.
In this new treatment method, which was the subject of a patent application in October 2022, the administration of NFL-101 before the quit attempt aims to break the link between cigarettes and the satisfaction that they provide and reduce the urge to smoke. Smokers can then focus on their attempt to quit and manage their nicotine withdrawal symptoms (irritability, nervousness, anxiety, etc.) with the help of other smoking cessation treatments and in particular nicotine substitutes.

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