NFT Bitcoin: Yuga Labs launches a new collection via Ordinals

Yuga Labs continues its Bitcoin adventure – THE NFT on Bitcoin via Ordinals continue to arouseinfatuation. Yuga Labs has decided to follow suit, with a new collection of non-fungible tokens registered on the BTC blockchain.

Yuga Labs reiterates the NFT experiment on Bitcoin

In a series of tweet from February 28, Yuga Labs presented its new collection of 300 NFTs, called Twelvefold, which are listed on Bitcoin via the Ordinals protocol. The company is thus taking its first steps into the world of digital collectibles, based on the BTC blockchain.

In a blog post dedicated to the collection, Yuga Labs presents Twelvefold as “a base-12 art system localized around a 12×12 grid”. The collection would have been conceived as being “a visual allegory of data mapping on the Bitcoin blockchain”with 3D designs and hand-drawn features.

Twelvefold: the new collection of 300 NFTs from Yuga Labs on Bitcoin – Source: Twitter

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Registrations on the rise for Ordinals

The Twelvefold auction is scheduled for this week. Yuga Labs has announced that it will issue a 24 hour notice with auction details and exact timing.

Despite criticism or concern from Ordinals detractors, the number of registrations on Bitcoin, via the protocol, thus continues to increase. The BTC blockchain matters more than 200,000 registrations nowadays.

And with this move from a heavyweight like Yuga Labs, which is the company behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, NFT listings on Bitcoin gain even more legitimacy. A holder of the NFT Bored Ape had also decided to burn your NFT on Ethereum (ETH) to list it on Bitcoin, thanks to the functionality Teleburn.

Can Bored Ape Yacht Club holders expect Bitcoin-listed versions of their NFTs? Yuga Labs has decided to launch another collection for the BTC network for the time being. He is also not the only player in the industry to exploit the possibilities that Ordinals offers. THE NFT DeGodswhich are Solana’s flagship collection, have also landed on Bitcoin.

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