NFT: he earns millions of euros by selling simple selfies

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is at the head of a very successful business and yet he has nothing of an entrepreneur. His genius idea was simply to sell his selfies in the form of NFTs. While he didn’t think they were worth a lot of money at first, his collection quickly grew to over a million dollars.

OpenSea is a rather special platform. Specializing in the sale of NFTs, there is, by definition, a bit of everything and anything. Want to buy source code from the web — provided you have a deep pocket? It’s possible. Inevitably, such freedom also leads to some excesses. It is not uncommon to come across stolen content, on a more or less large scale. Beware of the YouTube channels that you will find there, in particular, because a certain StakeTheWeb has fun stealing them from its creators.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali is not doing anything illegal per se, but his profile is certainly one of the greatest curiosities of the site. For 4 years, this Indonesian student has taken a selfie every day. Recently, he had the idea of ​​grouping them into a collection on OpenSea called Ghozali Everyday. Naturally, he did not think he would get a fortune from it, so he first set the price at 0.000 01 ETH, which is barely 3 euro cents.

He becomes a millionaire by selling his selfies in NFT

“I thought it might be funny if one of the collectors collected my face”, explains Ghozali. “I never thought anyone would want to buy the selfies, that’s why I only priced them at 0.00001 ETH”. But, the NFT market being what it is, the price of a selfie quickly shot up to 0.9 ETH. At present, the collection is valued at 381 ETH, or almost a million euros.

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“I can’t believe people bought my #NFT picture. 35 already sold in one day », says Ghozali on Twitter. New proof, if needed, that NFTs are an unpredictable market, not to say volatile. Like every new trend on the web, many people will manage to make a fortune by finding the right vein. At present, the global sector is worth 22 billion dollars.

Source: OpenSea

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